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When searching for Collectible, New, or Used Gaming Machines or Parts, the last thing you want to do is spend all day NOT finding what you were looking for. Time is better-spent Gaming! Why is it best to use Classifieds to sell or buy your next gaming product?

Because we are not one of the same old Social Site or Aging Classified Ad HOLES. Our passion is about ensuring the seller is not bothered by simple questions and is only contacted with real customers and real potential sales. With that in mind, our goal is to ensure the buyer is easily able to identify or locate the machine or part they are looking for.

And if you are not sure what Machine you are looking for then browse the information packed blog of games and gaming information. Here is one an example of one: What to Look for When Buying a Shuffleboard Table.

VintageGamePlay Pinball, Shuffleboard, Foosball, Pool, and Video Game Classifieds For Sale and Service website is the best because:

  • More Traffic Generation through Organic Searches in addition to Social Sharing
  • More and Faster Sales with Fewer Customer Questions through detailed Ad fields designed to provide the right information
  • Better Classified Ad Customer Search Results and Capability through concise informational fields and regional filtering
  • More and Better Social Sharing (automatically shared to VintageGamePlay Facebook Page) with the options for Owners and Users to share again on their personal accounts
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How to Write a GREAT Gaming Classified Ad

Be sure to follow the IMPORTANT NEXT STEPS section below!


Ensure you choose the appropriate category that fits your type of Classified Ad


Get straight to the point and be informative. The HEADLINE should be a maximum of 60 characters including spaces – if needed, use this website to help with character count.

The Classified Ad Headline should include: Year, Manufacturer, Version, Game Type, and “For Sale”, “Wanted” or “Services”.  That way there is no question what the Organic Search Bots and your potential customers see. Here are some examples:

Here is an example VGP Classified Ad

Use All the Fields Offered – Information and More Information

The Body: The more fields you fill in and the more information you provide allows the Search Engines and Social Searches to find your product for sale or service offered. It also ensures you are contacted less for simple questions that could easily have been answered in your advertisement.

Your Call To Action: Ensure you do not miss to tell your potential customer to click your contact or website link. You should note in your additional information field if it is better for the potential buyer to use the Contact Link or your Website Link (remember, NO affiliate links are allowed).


All pictures should be sized to speed loading time and not let your potential customer click away.

  • Ultimately your FIRST pic should be sized for Sharing on Facebook and be 900×470 pixels or for faster loading, 450×235 pixels
  • All subsequent pics should be around 640×480. Use as many pictures as you are allowed

Remember to use the Internet Pinball Database to help you research the potential value to your machine.

Important Next Steps:

VGP will Automatically post your ad on our Facebook page.

After you submit your Classified Ad, make sure you review your Ad for accuracy and RATE it – you will find the rating stars in the upper right-hand part of the Ad by the primary picture. You might even go as far as providing the VGP Classified Ad link and inviting a few friends to rate your Classified Ad. We do require anyone who rates an Ad to be registered to prevent Spam and Fraud. Even if they do not Rate the Ad you might tell them just to look it over for accuracy and let you know what they think. This tells the Search Engines that this is an important page as people are visiting it with a direct link.

Spend another few minutes promoting your new Ad… It may take about 15-30 minutes after you submit your Classified for it to automatically post on Facebook. Visit VGP Facebook page, find your classified ad post, LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE it PUBLICLY to your personal feed. This will increase the People Reached and hopefully snowball.

Bonus: For an even better People Reach. If your item is Classic, Vintage, or Retro (NO NEW ITEMS)… Share your VGP Facebook post again to Classic Arcade Classifieds. They also offer a classifieds group to help promote your Vintage or Retro Gaming offering.